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From the mountains of Nepal to the deserts of Ethiopia, plant trees to create a social, environmental and economic impact.

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First Year Impact Report

We're very proud of the impact we have made in our first year.

Download our 2021 Impact Report to see how we have made our mark and what we are planning next!


Bringing the best experts together to hand-pick the best tree-planting projects

Planting trees isn’t an easy thing.

And finding the right partners to do it is even harder.

That's why we gathered the best global experts to help us choose the best reforestation partners

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    Daniel Fishburn

    PhD candidate in Ecology - Bangor

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    Thomas Luypaert

    PhD candidate in Tropical Ecology and Conservation- NMBU

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    Stefano Obata

    Agroforestry extensionist in Peace Corps

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    Samantha Ambler

    Restoration and Forestry Specialist

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    Jenna Davis

    Food security Specialist - Yale

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